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Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak Beach Khao Lak Beach
Khao Lak Beach


Looking for an escapade to forget your worries? Head out to Thailand on Khao Lak Beach, a dreamy place that offers 12 km worth of golden sand, inviting blue waters, palm groves and large trees. You can also count on memorable excursions and tours to occupy your spare time. With such great charm and appeal, Khao Lak Beach is a place of choice among other top 10 beaches for those who wish to experience a tropical getaway that is simply unforgettable!


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Top 10 beaches of the world come in all colors. Loved for their natural beauty, beachside activities or just for their crystal clear water; beaches indeed have been the most proffered destination when it comes to traveling. Whether it is the Caribbean beaches famous for their white sand or the Seychelles beaches known for their stunning beauty, a great sun-washed beach vacation is a "great escape" from all the hustle-bustle. Listed below are the top ten beaches of the world, which we think are the most sort after beach destinations of the world.